I work at Microsoft in the Technology & Research Division. I work on Project Oxford, a portfolio of APIs and SDKs that makes it easy for developers to take advantage of cutting edge work in Computer Vision, Speech Detection, and Language Understanding from Microsoft Research and Bing.

Before that I studied applied math at Harvard, and spent a lot of time hanging around the radio station.

I was on Business Insider’s list of 30 influential women under 30 in tech, which was extraordinarily flattering.

Some of my interests are: evolutionary dynamics, Soviet history, search engines. Right now in my spare time I’m reading up on auction theory.


I like to meet new people. I’m sort of hopeless at social media.

twitter: @annasroth

linkedin: annasroth

facebook: roth.anna

email: mylastname.myfirstname at gmail

phone: if you’re feeling intrepid, you can find that online too